About us

A more extensive technical progress towards today’s technical miracles started in the last century.
Regarding heat power engineering, possibilities expanded and technical improvement of equipment was started in the 2nd half of the last century and continues throughout the present day with the aim to achieve better and better technical parameters. OÜ Wetorex was also established in the last century, with the aim of giving its small contribution to the development of heating engineering for the benefit all mankind. We have employed qualified workers, who have long-term experience in their specific field. We have sold our work mainly in Estonia but our products are mostly exported.
Our main field of activity is boiler house construction, but we have also built heating systems, heating piping systems, clean and sewerage water stations. Constructed boiler houses use different types of fuel: light and heavy oil, gas and various biofuel. During the last years we have had a chance to construct and investigate renewable energy boiler houses or heating systems. Boiler houses fired with wood or wood chips constructed by us can be found in many places all over Estonia. Capacities of constructed boiler houses remain within the range of 0.2-20 MW and capacities of renovated boilers, not depending on the manufacturer, in the range of 0.5-100 MW.
Manufacturing of auxiliary equipment for boiler houses takes place in workshops located in Põlva and Tartu. We also produce ready-made container boiler houses and various container