OÜ WETOREX can offer the following services:

•    Construction of boiler houses with a capacity of 0,2- 20 MW and bigger, when necessary.
      Boiler houses are fired with gas, fuel oil, black oil, crude shale oil and most solid fuels.
•    Construction of sawdust storages, hoppers and scraper based storages with a capacity of 0.5-320 m³ and bigger,
      when necessary.
•    Chimneys and spark arresters for various capacities.
•    Steam, heating, drinking water, fuel, gas and delivery air piping, including pre-insulated piping.
•    Construction of vessels and tanks of different sizes, within the range of 0.01-20 m³.
•    Manufacturing of worms and conveyors.
•    Construction of gas assemblies.
•    Construction of heat assemblies.
•    Solutions of industrial automation systems and manufacturing of these.
•    Construction of heating systems.
•    Construction of wood driers and equipment for these.
•    Manufacturing of various ventilators.
•    Manufacturing of metal structures.
•    Manufacturing of tailor-made metal products according to customer’s drawings.